My Personal Iris Improvements

Here is a log of my personal iris improvements! I'm sharing this log publicly to encourage others during the detoxification journey. Please take into consideration it's difficult to find a proper iriscope these days. I did the best I could with my phone/flashlight to keep the lighting consistent, and as you can probably tell my picture taking skills improved after the first year! 

I've found when I take iris photos with the light coming straight on at my eye I can see the nerve rings and pigmentation in my iris more clearly. However, I couldn't see the grooves of the radaii solaris clearly.

I've found when I take iris photos with the light coming from the side of my eye I can see all the groves of the radaii solaris better, but only parts of the nerve ring show themselves due to the glare from the light.

For the sake of consistency, I stuck with the keeping the lighting coming from the side of the eye so we can best monitor the radaii solaris in my iris from year to year. These are toxic tunnels in the body which you would know if you've reviewed my iridology videos!

I recommend observing a specific radaii solaris in the same location as you scroll through the iris photos, you will notice they become thinner as each year passes. This is displaying toxicity is no longer being funneled to the respective reflexive areas of the body. You can learn more about iridology in Rawb Wild's Healing Arts Academy. 

A few additional notes:

  • I take new iris photos every year in the month of July.
  • I've been a fruitarian since January of 2017.
  • My kidneys have been filtering consistently.