The Road To Remedies

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The Road To Remedies is a roadmap to true health. When creating this guideline, my intention was to take all of the most valuable information I've gathered surrounding detoxification and condense it into an outline that everyone can understand. No needless information, no confusion, no BS, and absolutely no dead ends. This is articulate, and straight to the point. With the variety of topics covered I can guarantee you will learn something new. This is a great resource for anyone seeking to better their health, and understand how the human body works. Enjoy!

What's Inside:

  • 10 Tips To Get Your Kidneys Filtering
  • 10 Juice Recipes
  • Simple Detox Dietary Guidelines
  • The Fundamentals of Healing
  • How To Eat A Raw Food Diet
  • Comprehensive Fasting Review
  • How To Achieve Optimal Digestion
  • Therapeutic Detoxification Tools
  • Spirituality & More