My Story

Robert Hill, AKA Rawb Wild, created his online platforms with the intention to raise the collective consciousness surrounding true health. Rob faced remarkable adversity throughout his life, but it was nothing quite like his journey to health. A journey that resulted in self discovery to the highest degree. Upon graduating high school, Rob moved north to the town of Durham to begin his college career at the University of New Hampshire as an undeclared student. When Rob showed up to school for his Fall semester, his entire life changed.

A pre-existing health condition started to intensify. He could hardly walk due to the inflammation in his foot, and to make it worse, heart palpitations were becoming a regular occurrence. Rob was eventually diagnosed with what medical doctors refer to as rheumatoid arthritis. When at a crossroad of deciding to take a high-risk drug known as methotrexate, another form of chemotherapy, Rob searched to find some other alternative.

Rob proceeded to spend every waking moment studying the anatomy, and various systems of the human body. A lifestyle once focused on drugs and alcohol began to rapidly shift towards health. Rob started spending most of his time at the school library; often skipping class to learn more about what he wanted instead: True health. It was during his research of the lymphatic system, he came across a Naturopathic doctor by the name of Dr. Robert Morse. Rob saturated himself in Dr. Morse's literature, and online videos emphasizing the importance of eating a fruit based diet. After learning about the science behind raw, living, enzyme rich foods, it all started to make sense. Living foods worked accordingly with achieving health, and dead foods didn't.

Rob eventually adopted a fruitarian diet and has consequently reversed the "auto-immune disease" he was labeled with. Rob decided to drop out of college so he could shift his focus to doing what he loved most: Connecting others to the truth. Rob continues to put up regular videos on his YouTube channel "Rawb Wild" pertaining to anything from raw food inspiration, recipes, exercise, adventure, and even spiritual practices/talks.

Here's a deeper look into Rob's journey to true health: