When I first learned about herbs I thought they were some antiquated form of Chinese medicine. It wasn't until I studied under Dr. Robert Morse that I began to understand the true power/consciousness of these plants. I can say without a doubt, I wouldn't have made the same progress on my health journey without the use of herbal botanicals.

Overcoming what medical doctors call "arthritis" was an incredible hurdle I had to get over. I made a commitment to honoring my body with the right foods...and I'm not just talking about fruits and vegetables. The herbs are a MUST. I will never forget the day I got my first herbal formula. I ordered the adrenal gland formula from Dr. Morse. The pain in my foot suddenly seemed to stop throbbing, my heart wasn't palpitating anymore, and I felt GOOD! It was from that point forward I knew I needed to incorporate herbs into my everyday life.



The one herb you can find almost anywhere! Most people consider dandelion a weed, neglecting its amazing healing properties. Dandelion is excellent for providing the bones with calcium, regulating blood pressure, and getting rid of candida. 


Through all the juice/fruit cleansing I have done, licorice root was my side kick through the thick of it. When transitioning to a fruit based diet, the body often expresses where it is the weakest. For most of us, this is commonly the adrenal glands. When my blood pressure was low, licorice root was my go to supplement. I highly recommend licorice root to those with poor adrenal gland function.


For all my people out there with skin problems, the root herbs are your friends. I've found Oregon Grape Root to be the apex of root herbs for aiding in the healing of problems like eczema, dermatitis, and psoriasis.


Black Walnut Hull is my absolute favorite for any kind of fungal/parasitic problem in the body. Those that have seen some of my YouTube videos on parasites will know I saw some very interesting things come out of me when I started using herbal formulas with Black Walnut Hull. I've also used Black Walnut Hull in open wounds that I've had, and they always seem to heal up so nicely.


Ginger is the "Ol Reliable" of the herbaceous family. It would be hard to list all of the healing properties that ginger provides all in one spot. So instead, I will just tell you it is lovely when juiced with some apples. Enjoy : )


Plantain Leaf is another one of those common backyard plants we always see running around as kids. Little do most know, Plantain Leaf is excellent topically/internally for relieving insect bites, bee stings, and even poison ivy. 


Gotu Kola is excellent for the regeneration of the brain. I would recommend Gotu Kola for any kind of nervous system disorder, exposure to vaccines/neurotoxins, or any spasm related condition. Skullcap Herb and Gotu Kola are good partners in regenerating the brain.